Advancing Health Together: 2016-2020 Strategic Planning Framework

A Message from the Chancellor - To Seize a Golden Moment

Golden eras come too infrequently.  Yet they do come -- and one has arrived.

In the world of health, potential life-altering breakthroughs in biomedical science, education, technology, and health care are occurring at a dizzying pace.  This is a time when unimaginable possibilities beckon from beyond recognizable opportunities.  Duke Health stands enviably positioned to take advantage of these opportunities and pursue these possibilities.  With Advancing Health Together: 2016-2020 Strategic Planning Framework, we at Duke Health share our vision of how we will seize this moment.

Besides articulating our overarching aspirations and values, this document captures the renewed emphasis we will place on our people and environment.  It outlines the priority investments we will make in our core mission areas while promoting cross-cutting initiatives that span missions.  It captures our intent to harness the power of health-related programs throughout Duke University.  And it underscores the imperative of forging partnerships with diverse constituencies throughout our local communities and beyond.

That spirit of collaboration has guided the creation of this framework, as well. Advancing Health Together represents the best thinking from across Duke Health.  Colleagues, you drew on our community’s rich intellect, broad experience and diverse perspectives.  You vigorously deliberated without losing your way, earnestly criticizing, probing and stretching while remaining collegial.  Thank you for the energy you committed, the esprit de corps you embodied, and the thoughtful insights you shared.  I am deeply grateful to all of you who participated.

This document, of course, is far from a finishing point.  Indeed, in many ways, it is merely a starting point.  But it will be a guide, reminding us of our possibilities and priorities, helping us to focus as we move forward and to retain our bearings as we adapt to changing circumstances and capitalize on unexpected opportunities.

Now we begin, with great promise ahead.  I look forward with excitement to working with you all to seize this golden moment to make our mark on this golden era.  Together, we will advance health – to the benefit of humankind everywhere. 


A. Eugene Washington, MD, MSc
Chancellor for Health Affairs, Duke University
President and CEO, Duke University Health System

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